Angel Practitioner

In Fall 2021
Botel Alcudiamar – Puerto de Alcúdia

This programme has been developed over the years.
I would also like to express my wish to share my knowledge.
At the beginning it was all about energy!
Unfortunately, we forget about this and many people focus all of their energies in to their body, that is to say the physical.
For me, the body is the house in which we live, which we need to keep cleansed and treat with respect.
In principal we are energy and surrounded by energy. We ourselves are divine and magical energy, surrounded by angels – whether we be conscious of it or not.
With the Angel and Dolphin Healing Practitioner I have created the possibility to give the participants a specific tool to help you help yourselves and others.

I would be extremely pleased if you wanted to sign up and i would welcome you with all of my heart. Allow the angels to enter in to your life!

Bases for angel therapy
Bases for aura Reading
Introduction to the world of angel Reading
Learn the different types and techniques of angel reading and to practice them
Deep cleansing of energy system
The perfect way to meditate and focus your energy
Channeled meditations
Quiropractic and osteopathic regulations (because a lot reaches our energy levels and it can drain our bodies)

10:00am- 4:00 pm

780 €

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