My gift is my ability to sense auras and angelical beings


“I believe every human being has an unspeakably great potential that once it is unleashed, it is unstoppable and unique and makes every vision come true!” (Nadine Simmerock)

I have been working with and for people for decades. What should I say about myself, in my work and in my work for this world I may be unique, outstanding! Because I combine my innate clairvoyance with my work as a coach, trainer, seminar leader, author and entrepreneur. I run 3 companies and try to pass on this energy, which I live myself every day, to EVERYONE! As I always say: “By my side EVERYONE grows!”

Your soul came to this earth with a plan – it came to live an extraordinary life. Due to my clairvoyance, my path was written early on – to bring people into their power and to show how everyone can use their energy in the best possible way! At the age of 14, I began my first training courses, including as a Touch for Health and Brain Gym teacher. At the age of 18 I opened my practice as a life coach and work, live and love to work as a successful coach, trainer, business consultant, seminar leader and author.

I am a Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Company Coach, Psychological Counselor, Author, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Brain-Gym Instructor, Aura Soma Consultant, Reiki Master & Teacher and Founder of GoodVibes Academy!

Nadine Simmrock

· Coach
· Trainer
· Author / Writer
· Business Consultant
· Aura therapist
· Angel therapist and Medium
· Head of seminar
· Psychological councillor
· Mother of 5 children = family manager
· Founder of the academic title of ANGEL PRACTITIONER training
· Angel Therapy Practitioner and certified medium by Doctor Doreen Virtue
· Kineologist
· Aura-Soma consultant
· Reiki master and teacher

I use my gift of being able to see auras and energy fields for my work. This gift is the basis, so to speak, the foundation of everything. She helps me very quickly to get to the core of the issues, the problems. In the next step, I recognize exactly where I have to start, to release the blockage/stagnation, energies, in order to work out the strengths, the potential, the autonomy. And it doesn’t matter whether I’m working with an individual, a whole team or a company!

You too can change your life and be outstanding- I don’t work for the often banal sentence: “Live your potential!”. How often have you heard that… for me it is important that YOU really live, guide, steer and focus your energy, because then you automatically live your potential.

Be outstanding!!

It helps me very quickly to get to the heart of the issue, the problem. In the next step I recognize exactly where I have to start, to release the blockages/stagnation, blocked energies, in order to work out the strengths, the potential, the autonomy! I’m here to help you unleash your energy, your true potential! In EVERY part of your life!! You deserve wealth, on all levels. Get your energy flowing! After living in Izmir/Turkey, Los Angeles and Hawaii, I found my place in the sun in 1999, on Mallorca! I also opened my practice here in the same year. To date I have been able to hold seminars in Germany, Austria, Turkey, Spain and Portugal. In addition, I was advised by Dr. Doreen Virtue as Angel Therapy Practitioner©, as well as medium and coach certified by Anthony Robbins! And I’m also the owner and founder of the GoodVibes Academy!

My Team

Denise Simmerock

Denise Simmerock is my second daughter and has been at my side since December 2020. She is an aspiring lawyer and supports me as a coach, in all online seminars, registrations, orders, translations and videos.

In addition to her studies, Denise has successfully completed her training as an angel practitioner, Reiki master and an aura training. She has attended Tony Robbins seminars several times and learned various coaching techniques there, which she uses successfully.

Leilani Yandall

Together out of abuse

We personally experienced abuse and now we show the way out of it- into SELF-LOVE and your BEST YOU!

Oh YES, you worth it, because YOU ARE WORTHY!

Our Instagram : @nadineandleilani

GoodVibes Academy Team

My GoodVibes team is Tim, Denise and Dustin. 3 super great young people who are in their power and get the best out of themselves to bring out the best in everyone else! It is very clear that we have all gone through difficult times! There were so many changes, uncertainties and challenges to overcome. To the point that many even felt powerless, helpless, lonely and isolated! Stop it! we thought to ourselves, because helpless, small and weak, that’s not

Person! As I always say, we are all magical beings made up of 80% of the most powerful energy and YOU can achieve anything you like. All power is in you! We created a platform where you can connect, grow, laugh and just gratefully accept GoodVibes – take your life back. OWN YOUR LIFE! NOW!

My Family

My children are probably my most important team! Thank you because without your support, faith, help, love and strength in the background I wouldn’t be what I am!

Thank you – Denise, Gianluca, Lilly, Noah and Vanessa with their family-Gabriel, with my grandchildren Dylan and Liam!

Thank you for being there!