Angel Work

The power of angels

In the light of an angel, every negative belief, every negative behavior, every negative energy loses its power!

An angel reading is a consultation with the angels. In a reading you can ask one or more questions – questions that come from the heart and that are important to you personally. As a mediator, I pass them on to the angels, whereupon I receive the appropriate answers, which I immediately pass on to you. These loving answers from the angels are intended to help you gain more clarity, freedom, love and self-discovery so that you can more easily recognize the next steps in your life and handle them with self-confidence.

The angelic messages are always loving, fundamental and supportive, as well as very clear. It should be mentioned that an angel reading is not a prediction of the future and in no case replaces medical treatment. Your angels always accompany you very lovingly and form a wonderful companion on your life path.

How do I work?

1 hour: One hour is a so-called angel reading, in which we work directly, energetically dissolving, incorporating coaching techniques or the tapping technique and we find solutions.