Aura Consultation

The power of creating your own life, is within yourself!

Being clairvoyant since childhood, all my work is based on the colors of the aura. I see the energies of people, of companies, I see deceased, angelic beings, and actually all energies of objects, animals, plants – everything. In people’s auras I can see where there are blockages, where wrong thoughts are being thought, where there is karma, where something with a deceased has not yet been processed or where there are old programs/belief patterns in order to solve, cleanse, change and heal them. Everything is in YOUR aura!

What exactly is the aura?

The aura is the energy that surrounds us!

And what is energy?

The energy is the thought we think, the feeling what we feel!

Because every thought gives rise to a feeling, a belief!
This is where our actions and results come from!
So if you are not satisfied with your result, then you have to solve wrong thought patterns, break through wrong belief patterns and learn to use your energies correctly!

The power to shape your life lies within you!
In an aura consultation/coaching you will learn to direct your energy and to live your power!

That’s what I love about coaching!

The colours of an aura can give a clear image of where there are possible blocks, difficulties and jams, how to work them out and where your potential and energies flow. By doing this I can make the most of my work with angels and other techniques, such as for example my technique of giving meridians small knocks which I have created in collaboration with angels in order to liberate negative emotions inside our bodies; or also Chromotherapy of Aura-Soma OF Vicky Wall.

Aura-Soma perfectly complements by skills, given that I can recommend to my clients which are the best colours for self-balance. Discover for yourself the majestic world of colours!
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How do I work?

Half an hour : Half an hour is usually a first call, where I explain the aura and discuss what can / must be done!

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