Do you love dolphins?

Then make your dreams a reality and come to Mallorca to see them!

Dolphin Seminar 2021

Do you love dolphins, then fulfill your dream and come to Mallorca to see them!
Experience it up close!
We work very hard for 2 days to make your life a masterpiece!
Get to know yourself and initiate a big change in your life!
And on the third day we drive out to the dolphins and you can enjoy them to the fullest! At sunrise it will be an unforgettable moment that you will always carry in your heart!
The dolphin seminar
Who has ever seen dolphins, or even enjoyed the luck to swim with them, knows how wholesome they are and that they provide us immediately with love, trust and strength.
They are heart-openers, uncannily wonderful animals that take away fear and insecurity and give us confidence, lightness and vitality.
In this 3-day seminar you will learn to gain control over your emotions. You are the master of your emotional world.
We solve fears, anger and stress. If we are in the negative emotions, then the head has control and that means survival!
Do you just want to survive or do you want to LIVE and enjoy your life?
You learn to come from the head (survival) into your heart (to enjoy life) and thus to succeed.

In these 3 days, you will find a specific place for long-lasting joy, love, lightness, trust, strength and gratitude! Because in these emotions it is worth living !!
Be part of it and let yourself be fulfilled by the dolphin spirit here in Mallorca, so that your life will become easier, more joyful, more loving and more powerful forever!
Make a masterpiece out of your life!

from the head path (survival) in the heart way (Enjoy life)
the 6 basic needs of man
the wheel of life
become the master of your emotional world
Individual coaching
Boat trip to the dolphins

1st and 2nd from 10:00 to 16:00
Boat tour on the 3rd from 6:30 to 10:00

26.08. – 28.06.2021

600 € + 21 % IVA