Reiki is a very old healing art from Japan! It was rediscovered in the 19th century by dr.

Mikao Usui and he then taught it to Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, that founded a healing clinic in Tokyo.

There he taught Hawayo Takata Reiki and appointed her as his successor at a later date.

Later, her granddaughter Phyllis Lei Furumoto became her successor, and she also brought Reiki right
to the West.

Reiki means universal life energy, so the universal, original and creative power that keeps us
alive! This natural healing energy flows through the hands in powerful, concentrated form.

Either you just enjoy a treatment or you can take part in a Reiki course and be given the initiation to learn Reiki yourself in order to apply it to yourself and others.

The different Reiki seminars:

– Reiki I
– Reiki II
– Master initiation
– Reiki trainer /

My beautiful daughter Vanessa Simmerock got her first Reikieinweihung at the age of 12,
followed by Reiki II and Meister- / Lehrerinneneinweihung.

Vanessa loves Reiki and is a very experienced teacher and Reikiseminarleiterin!